Sample – The Key to Beautiful Carpets

Beautiful carpeting or flooring is the foundation to every room in your home.  When you’re trying to sell a home, you need to make sure that your carpeting is attractive. If you have particularly worn and dirty carpet, you may need to replace it. And at the very least, you’ll need to make sure the carpeting has been well cleaned before any potential buyers have a chance to see your home.

And after you move into a new home, it’s in your best interest to ensure your carpeting stays as pristine as possible. Cleaning spills immediately, as well as regular vacuuming, is necessary to prevent a build-up of stains and grunge. Children and pets in the house can make the effort even more difficult.

Which is why you may want to consider renting, or better yet, purchasing a hot water carpet cleaning vacuum. These are essentially a system that sprays hot water and a mild cleaning solution out while simultaneously vacuuming up the water and dirt and debris. They are more expensive than normal vacuum cleaners, but this is the method of cleaning recommended by many carpet manufacturers, and it does provide a level of cleaning a normal vacuum cleaner cannot achieve. Most models are also capable of cleaning upholstery as well. The results can be astounding.

Professional carpet cleaners use the same system, although theirs can be far larger and mounted on a truck, requiring long, heavy hoses to reach into your home. They can be an excellent choice when time is short and you need to ensure a good job. But, for regular cleaning, buying or renting a smaller, portable system is a more economical choice.

But, you will have to keep in mind a few important things if you’re doing it yourself.

  1. Follow the directions.  Too much cleaning solution can be worse than none at all.
  2. Test a small portion of carpet first. Not all carpets will react well to hot water cleaning. Most newer carpets are made with synthetic backing and foundation yarns and won’t have a problem. But older carpets and rugs, can shrink after wet treatments.
  3. Allow for drying time. Not all of the moisture can be vacuumed out of the carpet. Running your HVAC and providing adequate ventilation is required to prevent mold.

If you need a professional, you can use HomeAdvisor’s search to find one close to you. But, one way or another, before your house goes on the market, the carpets have to be cleaned or replaced. At that point, having kept ahead of the curve by using a hot water extraction vacuum will save you time and money.