Space History to Be Made in 2019

2019 is shaping up to be a monumental year for space exploration, especially by commercial interests hoping to fill the gap left after the United States stopped flying manned missions in 2001.  For the purposes of this post, I’m going to focus on launches involving spacecraft designed to carry humans aboard.   Keep in mind these launch dates are likely to be delayed.

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Learning to Save Lives

I just got home a short time ago from my orientation as a volunteer for Best Friends Atlanta, an organization that serves as a shelter and an adoption center for dogs and cats in Metro Atlanta.  The organization has centers here, as well as in New York City, Los Angeles and Salt Lake City.  Their goal is to “save them all” and create a world in which there are no more homeless pets.

The first time I learned about Best Friends last fall when they began bringing pets needing homes to the television station I was working for at the time.  Visits like this are a staple of daytime and morning newscasts. What intrigued me at the time was how much everyone working in the newsroom loved seeing the dogs.

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My Brain is Whack or: Living with Major Depression Part I

I believe most of us know about depression, having experienced it in varying degrees as we grow up and grow older.  I have had the clinical symptoms of clinical depression since I was 15 years old. That’s going on forty years now. At first, and for many years, I didn’t understand that the way I felt was so deeply altering and guiding my path through life.  I’m just coming out of what they call a major depressive episode… and I want to share as much as I can in hopes it may be able to help others.

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Homeopathic Money: The Recipe

Why spend real money to buy fake miracle cures when you can create your own. Money, I’m talking about, not cures. You will not find this ANYWHERE else on the Intertube.  The following information was revealed in a vision of Donald Trump dressed as Mayor Snoogans McCheese. In the vision, the man who destroyed his own country, asked Americans to pay for his Homeopathic Wall along the Mexican border with Homeopathic dollars.

President Fatty McFatFat selling Homeopathic Government.

DO NOT share this information with the Government! It’s a secret!

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Visiting the Moon for Christmas

“Please be advised, there is a Santa Claus.”

Astronaut Jim Lovell, Christmas morning, 1968.

This week will mark the 50th anniversary of what I will argue was the most daring mission in the history of human space exploration. It started with three men climbing into a small capsule on December 21st.  They would return to Earth six days and three hours later. It wasn’t an effort to set an endurance record and didn’t even come close. But for the first time, mankind would come close to our nearest companion, the moon. It was an enormous risk, but one NASA was willing to make to beat the Soviet Union to the moon.

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Robocaller Telemarketing Hell

I’m in the middle of searching for work, and for that, I need to be able to use Do Not Call Registrymy phone. But, the overwhelming number of bullshit calls I’ve been getting from vermin telemarketers has grown fantastically in recent weeks. I have no way of knowing what phone numbers prospective and legitimate callers are going to use, which means I have to answer every call.

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