A sample of my work, all of which is based on lies, innuendo and a wicked mind.

There was something dangerous in the air tonight. It might have been the lingering thunderclouds, or the ugly rain they sputtered. It could have been that bottle of bourbon, as yet unopened on the corner of my desk. But, most likely, it was the redhead in a dark blue dress. [Read]


Too much noise, thought Eddie Vogel as he worked to reconnect broken data relays in the tunnel leading from the command module to the habitat module.  There were at least three alarms buzzing and blaring, warning of fire, pressure loss and atmospheric poisons.  Someone was screaming in the command module. And there were disturbing moans that could only be the very structure of the craft being altered. The noise seemed to be funneled directly into his ears. It made it hard to think. [Read]


Avid amateur astronomer Lindsey Adamson’s computer records her saying, “That’s odd.” She had just seen an image of bright speck in Lyra through her Celestron Vega 6 telescope, which she has feeding into her computer. She assumed it was an anomaly  and called up the images from the feed four nights ago. Using her astronomy software, she superimposed the two images, and discovers the bright dot from this evening is in the same location as a much smaller dot on the Thursday night feed. From another file recorded two weeks ago, she finds nothing, even at extreme zoom and using all of the built in filters. What ever it is, it’s been there for at least four days, but wasn’t there two weeks ago. [Read]