Robocaller Telemarketing Hell

I’m in the middle of searching for work, and for that, I need to be able to use Do Not Call Registrymy phone. But, the overwhelming number of bullshit calls I’ve been getting from vermin telemarketers has grown fantastically in recent weeks. I have no way of knowing what phone numbers prospective and legitimate callers are going to use, which means I have to answer every call.

I got some quotes on Auto Insurance, and bought a new policy last week. Now, I get nearly daily calls about Auto Insurance from telemarketers trying to sell me a policy. For years, I get calls from morons trying to sell me health insurance. There’s a bullshit con-artist who styles himself a Prophet, who wants me to send him money so his “god” will listen to me.  And let’s not forget the idiots who think my car’s warranty needs to be replaced.

I registered this domain name and website on Monday. It’s a WordPress site as you can probably tell, and the entire process is pretty much automated. In other words, someone who has been registering and setting up websites since the late nineties doesn’t really need much help.

Within a day of registering the domain, I began getting spam telephone calls from dodgy marketers who got my number off the registration data. Today, my phone has literally been ringing nonstop. Most of the calls are coming from spoofed caller IDs, a typical strategy used by vermin to get around things like, say, the Do Not Call Registry.

This species of vermin has gotten out-of-control, and neither the U.S. Government or the telephone companies are actually willing to do anything to stop the problem.

The only upside to this problem is that it lets me practice honing my improvisational, obscenity-laced tirade skills. Of course, many of the people on the other end of the line are being paid little or nothing to work such thankless, dead-end jobs. And when they finally have enough, there are plenty of people desperate enough to replace them. Meanwhile, the slimy worms behind the scenes continue to make money from disreputable companies and scammers.

Author: Michael W. Bay

Michael is a geek. He likes smart science-fiction, good coffee, playing the bass guitar, making up songs in the shower, cats and dogs and a nice, long Stephen King novel.