Short Films

Rabbit Hunt

The Rabbit Hunt project was born in the spring of 2005, a week before the annual Inman Park Spring Festival. The idea was simple — Folk art fanatics in search of a priceless artifact of primitive art.  [Read more]

The Last Hour

In 2005, I signed up to participate in the Atlanta 48 Hour Film Project. I was able to bring together an amazing team of friends and strangers and together we plunged into a weekend of adventure. [Read more]

Star Wars: The Long Night

This 2007 project was an entry in the Atom Films Star Wars Short Film Contest. It wasn’t hard to recruit people for a Star Wars project. The real challenge was special effects and a light saber battle. [Read more]

In Memory of Those Left Behind

The Battlestar Galactica reboot remains one of my favorite television series, and in 2007 Scifi (as it was known at the time) offered fans a chance to get into the action. So, back to the tick-ridden swamps we went. [Read more]

Emperors in the Age of Baloney

I was a little late to the party, but the Dailies project at Push-Push theater in Atlanta brought some great filmmakers together to hone their craft and learn from each other. This was my entry into the “Ween Film Challenge.” I knew nothing about Ween. Perhaps it shows. But what started as a disaster turned into an improvisational rumination on absurdity. [Read more]

Maximal Effort, Minimal Clothing

This project arose from the idea of doing a 48 Hour Film Challenge by myself. [Read more]

Carnal Highway

I produced and wrote the script for this 2006 entry in the Atlanta 48 Hour Film Project. It was the second  time I worked with Chris and his team. Our genre was Buddy Film, and we decided to flip the script. [Read more]

Stealing Babette

I wrote the script for this 2005 entry into the National Film Challenge, which was the first time I worked with Director Chris Tsambis and the Sasquatch B production team. [Read more]